Our Services


We distribute the medicines to the wholesalers in Pan India

Abhipharmaceuticals distributes medicine at competitive price in PAN India. Abhipharmaceuticals has a team of logistical experts to deliver product more secure and on time. We at Abhipharmaceuticals apply "On time" approach to our distribution services to ensure each delivery within the agreed time line so that you can operate your business more efficiently. We are directly associated with the manufacturers to develop a distribution strategy specific to each product and the market for which it is intended. We have distribution channels to get maximum efficiency and cost optimization through the supply chain from product manufacture to end customer.

Exports Service

We Export Medicines Worldwide

Abhipharmaceuticals has large scale customer database globally, we provide our services that include hospitals (Private and government), clinics, international importers, and healthcare professionals. We at Abhipharmaceuticals are committed to excellence by providing quality products, competitive prices, fast and reliable service to our customers overseas. In India, Indian government regulates the prices and we have all the major international manufacture brand in India so the drugs are available on cheaper prices as compared to other countries. This helps us to provide low cost international brands drugs to our consumers.

Import Service

We Import medicines to meet the needs of people in India

Abhipharmaceuticals has a vision to provide international standard medicine to everyone in India. We at Abhipharmaceuticals understand that there is a gap in the Indian Pharmaceutical market and are constantly working to fill these gaps by providing international standard Pharmaceutical in India for the expanding private and public pharmaceutical market by working with national and international principles to create a product range that should be associated with reliability, affordability, and quality. We are catering individual needs for the medicines that are not available in India. Abhipharmaceuticals with its global partners works to source life-saving medicines from any part of the world.

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